Campaign Finance

Sunday, January 28th, 2018

I commit to getting big money out of politics and rebuilding the grassroots.

Enough of politics as usual where corporations, the uber-wealthy and insiders decide what’s best for us.  It’s not enough to talk about an oligarchy ruling our country, let’s lead the movement to bring grassroots politics and the voice of ordinary Americans back to the center of the conversation.

Citizens United must be overturned and laws passed to increase donor transparency, remove untraceable dark money and eliminate special interest contributions.  In the past, getting money out of politics was a bipartisan issue.  Now both parties have grown accustomed to doing business in an environment where “anything goes” and secret political money and their wealthy donors have an outsized voice in our political process.

Let’s walk the talk and dedicate time and effort to support the “Clean Elections” movement.  More importantly, let’s also do the hard work of re-building the grassroots by reaching out in our communities and bringing everyday voices to the center of the political conversation.