Sunday, January 28th, 2018

I commit to fighting for Medicare for All.

Medical care is a basic human right. Having health insurance is just and fair, and it preserves the social compact between the government and the people.

I support Medicare for All because it fundamentally and immediately affects the well-being of every American and therefore our nation.

We currently have a healthcare system that is for profit, not for people. Awash in monopolies and oligopolies— and with few checks and balances on their market power— you and I pay the cost in the form of increasing premiums and drug prices but poorer health outcomes.

It’s time to challenge an industry that ranks first in lobbying both parties. Medicare for All offers a single payer system that delivers less costly care with better health outcomes and  60% of all Americans favor it.

I will join those in Congress already supporting Medicare for All and I will also personally work towards decreasing the power of the healthcare industry by pledging never to take their lobby contributions.