Unaffiliated Voters can put We the People back in the Driving Seat

For the first time, unaffiliated voters have power – we can vote in the June 26 primary. I want Mark Williams, a real progressive refusing PAC and special interest money, and supporting a ban on fracking to combat climate change. His establishment Democratic opponent is on the opposite side of these issues and needs to be defeated.

In the overwhelmingly Democratic CD2, unaffiliated voices can have a huge impact because it is all but certain that the Democratic candidate elected in the June 26th primary will go on to win the General Election in November.

The newly established rights of unaffiliated voters to participate in the upcoming primary not only puts people back in the driver’s seat, it puts the voters’ hands back on the steering wheel of Democracy.

Rather than passively allowing an establishment candidate to be pre-selected by Big Money in the upcoming Democratic Primary, unaffiliated voters can make their votes count by ensuring that an Independent Democratic candidate, Mark Williams, is selected instead by We The People.

Independents and unaffiliated voters can vote in the Democratic Primary on June 26. Greens, Working People Party members, and Libertarians can disaffiliate from their respective parties and become Independents by changing their status BEFORE May 30.

To do so, visit: https://www.sos.state.co.us/voter/pages/pub/olvr/findVoterReg.xhtml. Enter your information to locate your voter information and click the link reading “Change party affiliation or choose my primary ballot.” This is where you change your affiliation to Democratic or Independent/Unaffiliated.

You can only vote in the Democratic or Republican Primary; if you vote for a Republican and Democrat, neither vote will count. After the primary, you can change your party status back to whatever you prefer, or stay Independent/Unaffiliated. This will help elect real progressives like Mark Williams who want to change the political status quo.

Cerah Hedrick