An Abomination on the Border

Wednesday, June 20th, 2018

Boulder – We’ve all heard the stories and seen the images from our border. Babies are taken from their mothers. Children forcibly removed from their parents. Kids kept in cages like puppies.  And parents told they will never see their children again. These stories are an abomination on the border. They demand action from all of us, and especially our lawmakers.


How Can This Happen in America?

My mother lives in El Paso, Texas. And her community is on the front lines of this battle. They ask, how can this happen in the United States of America? How can this type of “state terror,” which is absolutely dissonant with our values as an immigrant nation, be allowed on our borders? Why did a Democratic Congress allow the mass deportations implemented during the Obama administration? And why does a Republican Congress allow the inhumane extension of this logic to continue today?

This is not a question of political affiliation. American families across the political spectrum are outraged. It’s a question of our government valuing each and every human life, no matter how different from our own.


It’s Time to Elect Leaders Committed to Reform Our Immigration Policy

Abomination on the border

Emphasis on “mean”

We must demand a change at the border today. We must demand Congress begin the hard work of bringing our immigration policy into the 21st century.  And we must elect leaders with the commitment to get it done. As my mother reminds me, “Si quieres la paz, lucha por la justicia.”  If you want peace, fight for justice. (Pope Paul VI)

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