Bill Rigler: Williams is congressman Boulder deserves

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

I am proud to endorse Mark Williams as our next U.S. congressman.

I am quite sure that my endorsement of Mark will surprise many. I like Joe Neguse, the presumed front-runner, and believe that he will do a fine job if elected. Joe has paid his dues, and except for his support from special interests, his stances align with my own values on nearly every issue.

But here’s the thing: our country is under assault by special interests and by a party that no longer believes in science, non-alternative facts, social safety nets, protections for vulnerable populations, or environmental protections. Our country is being run by a party that consistently demonstrates that the right to bear arms is more important than the more fundamental right to not be massacred by gun-toting zealots.

Quite frankly, I’m tired of Democrats playing nice. I don’t want a wonky representative who will get along with everyone and not make waves.

Boulder deserves a progressive congressman who reflects our values and will fight every single day against the corruption infecting Washington. We deserve a congressman who will take on the special interests that are worsening the gap between the hyper-wealthy and everyone else. And yes, we deserve a congressman who will support the investigations into Russian collusion and vote to impeach Trump.

Mark was a fighter pilot in Iraq. He’s a successful businessman, a husband and a father, and an upstanding member of our community. And unlike Joe, he has not and will not accept a dime from special interests, frackers, or PACs.

Please join me in supporting Mark Williams for Congress on June 26.

Bill Rigler


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