CleanSlateNow Endorsement

Thursday, June 14th, 2018

“I commit to getting big money out of politics and rebuilding the grassroots. Enough of politics as usual where corporations, the uber-wealthy and insiders decide what’s best for us. It’s not enough to talk about an oligarchy ruling our country, let’s lead the movement to bring grassroots politics and the voice or ordinary Americans back to the center of the conversation.”  — Mark Williams, Candidate for  U.S. Congress, District 2


Announcement of CleanSlateNow Endorsement of Mark Williams

CleanSlateNow Endorsement of Mark Williams for Congressional District 2 Colorado


CleanSlateNow Action is proud to announce our endorsements for Colorado campaigns in 2018 – and we’re especially grateful for the guidance of our supporters, who cast nearly 2,000 votes in our endorsement survey and made a difference in our ultimate decisions to highlight candidates whose stance on campaign finance reform and the need to get big money out of politics provides hope for a new and expanding generation of elected officials who turn down PAC and special interest money and focus their campaigns on reaching and engaging individuals in their district.


Our recognition of the standout candidates who are leading on the issue of campaign finance reform is not meant to demean those we are not celebrating today. We remind all candidates that it is never too late to “clean their slate now” and reject the status quo of courting and accepting big money from special interests eager to gain access and influence with the candidates they flood with campaign cash. We are proud to note that several of the candidates we are recognizing have heard the feedback from the voters in their district and advocacy groups like ours and have taken action to improve their record, their behavior, and their platform in response to a public demanding a priority of people, not money.


Mark Williams for Congressional District 2 – Colorado

In Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District, we recognize Mark Williams for his strong stance central to his campaign of diminishing the role of big corporations and “the uber-wealthy” in favor of meaningful efforts to revitalize grassroots politics, to heighten transparency, eliminate dark money, and to take special interest contributions out of the equation. He has put the issue front and center in his campaign, and has shown that distinguishing one’s campaign by standing up for these values makes a candidate even more viable.

from email to Mark William’s campaign dated June 14th, 2018. Full text endorses other local candidates in other Districts within Colorado.

Thank you for this excellent endorsement. – Mark Williams