3 Weeks til the Colorado Primary – Help Us Get the Word Out

Tuesday, June 5th, 2018

Boulder – Here’s an email that I recently received describing our campaign,

“Steadfast: was first used in battle contexts to describe warriors who stood their ground. Soon, it was also being used with the broad meaning ‘immovable,’ and as early as the 13th century it was applied to those unswerving in loyalty, faith, or friendship. Centuries later, all of these meanings endure.”

Steadfast is what this campaign is all about – honestly representing you, your family, our community and everyone here in the 2nd District. Not the party. Not the powerful. And not the privileged. It is three weeks until the Colorado primary, and I’m asking you to help us get the word out.

Help Us Finish Strong Up til the June 26 Colorado Primary

Our volunteers are working hard everyday. And I’m with them walking neighborhoods, meeting folks in homes and in Farmer’s Markets. We’re doing everything we can to connect with ordinary people across the district. But now’s the time to do more – our opponent is spending about $200,000 on TV ads in the coming weeks. That’s the megaphone of establishment politics.

I hate that our elections aren’t publicly financed but until I can join others in making that a reality, I’ve got to ask if you can dig deep to pitch in and support our efforts for the final three weeks of the primary. We’ve got the vision, the ideas, the people, and the MOMENTUM. Contribute now to help us broadcast the message as loudly as a people-powered campaign can.

Other Ways to Spread the Word About the Colorado Primary

Make sure all of your friends and family know that the Colorado Primary is June 26. Encourage them to vote. Did you know Independents in Colorado are eligible to vote in the primary? Make sure that Colorado Independents are aware that this is a fantastic opportunity for their voices to be heard. You can do all this by: