Democratic Party Insiders are at it Again

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

Late last week, an email went out from Democratic Party insiders welcoming our opponent as the congressman from Colorado’s 2nd District. “True Blue spotlights our future colleagues in open blue districts,” the email says, and then goes on to announce their anointed choice for Congress.


A Rigged System

Apparently, the power brokers in DC think the primary has already happened. Or maybe they think they have the power of coronation. News flash: if you step out of the back room and clear your eyes and head of all the cigar smoke, you’ll realize the voters haven’t spoken. Sure looks like a rigged system to me and I suspect I’m not alone. Last year the U.S. was ranked as a “flawed democracy,” because confidence in political institutions and parties has plummeted. No wonder.


My Commitment to a Different Kind of Politics

Those who peddle in cynicism and practice the politics of deceit do the people of the United States, this district, and our community no favors. I’m committed to a different kind of politics in America. One that’s based on fairness, honesty and transparency. These are the liberal values that support a strong democracy. And these must be the foundation of the politics that we practice if we’re to restore faith in our government. When politicians listen to the grassroots, serve their communities, and protect the well-being of the people – not the party, the powerful or the privileged – then we’ll begin to restore confidence in our country.


Help Us Win the June 26 Primary

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