Forty percent of all voters have left the parties because we believe both the Republicans and Democrats are in bed with big-money special interests. We have a federal government bloated with programs that help only the special interest lobbyists, not us.

With a majority of voters, we, the unaffiliated, can swing the upcoming Democratic primaries for tough, courageous candidates who aren’t taking PAC money and who are calling the establishment Democrats out. Think Mark Williams (2nd Congressional District) and Levi Tillemann (6th Congressional District).

In the 2nd Congressional District, the national Democratic establishment pre-selected, endorsed and is funding a corporate attorney, nice guy that he is, who says all the correct liberal things and will vote how the party leadership tells him: “Blame the Republicans, vote for war, support oil and gas subsidies, and pretend you are progressive — just do what we tell you.”

Unaffiliated voters can crack the Democratic national party’s old-school politics and elect candidates who will work for people instead of corporate profits. The tired arguments of establishment Democrats that “we have to vote for someone who can win” don’t fly because the 2nd CD and 6th CD have been gerrymandered blue. Get a clue. We are sick of old school politics. We need to kick start our country into Politics 2.0., disrupt the corrupt system and put people before corporate profits.

Dan Doyle