The Dynamic Duo Make their First Move

Saturday, May 12th, 2018

Boulder – President Trump and National Security Advisor John Bolton are a disaster in action. It is a poor decision to pull out of the Iran nuclear accord, because it puts U.S. strategic interests at risk in Europe, the Middle East and North Korea. We need folks in Washington with foreign affairs experience to rein in Trump and Bolton, and steer American in the right direction.


U.S. Interests at Risk from Europe to the Middle East to Asia

In Europe, Trump’s move has heightened tensions with European allies. Tension is already high from our threat of tariffs and our withdrawal from the Paris climate accord. And now, abandoning the Iran nuclear accord puts global security at risk by raising the specter of conflict with Iran.

In the Middle East, we’ve unleashed the potential of an arms race between Saudi Arabia and Iran. We’ve also played right into the hands of Israel’s aggressive posture against Iran. In North Korea, why would Kim Jong Un reach an agreement with a country that rips up treaties because of shifting domestic politics?


We Need Individuals with Foreign Affairs Experience in Washington

Are there legitimate concerns around Iran’s ballistic missile program and it’s military activity in the Middle East? Yes. Does destabilizing the nuclear status quo in the region help solve these legitimate concerns? Not at all.

We must have leaders in Congress who will move boldly and decisively to keep America safe. I was an Intelligence Officer in the Air Force specializing in Asia, Latin America and the Middle East. Let’s send someone to Congress with knowledge and experience in foreign affairs. And with the credibility to create a consensus with like-minded Republicans.


Help Send Someone with Experience in Foreign Affairs to Washington

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