Education and the Economy

Monday, June 18th, 2018

Education, The Economy and The Middle Class

America’s strength and prosperity is driven by its middle class. In 1980, when the middle class was still strong, those in the top 1% made 27 times more than folks in the bottom 50%. Today America’s top 1% makes 81 times more than the bottom 50%. Their income has grown by over 200% while income for the bottom remains unchanged at about $16,000. The middle class is withering on the vine. Add this to our problem with the cost of education and the burden of debt that cripples our young graduates.

You start to feel the the process is rigged against you.

I have written my positions on education and the economy on a blog post at NOCO Magazine. They are giving equal time to the Colorado Congressional District 2 candidates to express our positions and views on important subjects. Read my views on NoCo Magazine. A quick summary of Mark Williams positions on education are as follows:

I Stand with: American Teachers, Parents and Students

I support: Teachers associations’ right to represent employees and the right of teachers to automatic enrollment in unions.

I support: Teachers being paid living wages, given good benefits and retirements, and having tax deductions for educational supplies.

I support: Empowered teachers, parents and students with small class sizes, the reduction of educational bureaucracy.

I propose: Free education and training is the foundation for a healthy economy and vibrant democracy. Click To Tweet

I oppose: The corporate school reform model to privatize schools though linking student test scores with teacher evaluations.

I oppose: Unfunded Federal mandates like high stakes testing, No Child Left Behind, Common Core, among others. We should empower teachers as the experts, treating them with professional respect. Educational policy is a local, not Federal Right. I believe, however, that the federal government has a role in fostering educational excellence and equal access for all public-school students.

I’d be honored to represent you in Congressional District 2 and make the changes to help you thrive in your field of study. Thank you for your vote in this important Primary.

I’ve also compiled a comparison graphic that focuses on some of the top issues important to residents of Congressional District 2. My opponent’s positions are stated in here as well for a quick reference for voters. Look and compare the candidates graphic.

Other topics of interest:

For an indepth analysis of my campaign, see Joel Dyer’s editorial in the Boulder Weekly.

Interested in knowing more about my position on gun violence? See the NOCO Magazine article and compare my position with my opponent’s in one article.