Endorsements for Mark Williams CO District 2 from Real People

Sunday, June 24th, 2018

“I’m voting for Mark. He is the smartest most caring person I know. He is a champion of the people. As an attorney dedicated to helping others, I know Mark will continue his efforts at doing what is right for his constituents.” – K. Hamerslough (Youtube)
“Hey, I’d like to see the people hire Mark to work for us – the 99% – and fight the DC corruption swamp.”– D. Grinbergs (Youtube)

endorsements for Mark Williams Colorado D2


“Mark is one of the most inspiring and honest candidates that I have seen running in this upcoming election. He is honest, forward thinking and has the courage to do what is needed for Colorado, beyond all of the political maneuvering.He is also the only person running for his seat that has endorsed Colorado Rising’s citizen ballot initiative for 2500″ setbacks on oil and gas development. He has my vote!” – S. Spiegel

“I had an opportunity to meet Mark a few weeks ago and spend some one and on one time with him. I am pleased and excited to support him and do my bit by contributing monies, and walking door to door in my mountain community. It is uplifting to have a truly progressive candidate that I can support!” – S. Hempy

“I met Mark today at a Meet and Greet and was super impressed with him. Not being part of the political establishment, he brings new energy, vision and perspective for positive and transformational change.” – D. Bruhn

Endorsement for Mark Williams for Congress in Colorado

Makes perfect sense to me it should for you as well! Come on American Veterans and active duty members, let’s support this candidate the obvious choice! I have faith he will help us veterans access the things we need and help further support for our active duty military spouses and dependents, who also serve on a daily basis! –  jm___74 #markforcolorado

“Also should note he does not take monies from super pacs and he is for the people not the job title. He will represent us well in the struggle!” – jm___74 #markforcolorado

“Let’s get big money out of politics. Mark doesn’t take PAC money and has sensible, principled stances. I’m voting for him.” – DJ Francis

“Guy has ethics and courage. Not a professional politician. A former combat fighter pilot who is anti war because of the corruption involved. Hope he can beat the corporate lawyer who is an establishment politician running against him.”
– D. Doyle

Endorsements for Mark Williams
“Mark Williams is an amazing human and will make an excellent Representative.” – J. Brown


Committed to the Quest at hand.
Doesn’t mess around.” – A. NikulkovS. Hempy Endorsement for Markl Williams

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Thank you for all your support! I appreciate your endorsement for my campaign. I will not let you down in Congress. – Mark Williams