For the Many, Not the Few #4

Saturday, October 13th, 2018

Time is ticking down to election day, November 6th – are you registered, informed and ready to vote?

The Oil & Gas profiteers continue to spread lies and misinformation about Prop 112, too many to list here. Suffice to say that we the people must spread the word in our community to make sure others know the truth about the health consequences and the impact to communities when a chemical operation shows up in their backyards.

Today we have a special guest – my daughter Shae 🙂 – sharing an Osage story that speaks about our time and our values. We’ll also talk about…

  1. [:30 – 2:20] – Fracking Update
  2. [2:20 – 7:15] – Osage Story – Buffalo Woman
  3. [7:15 – 14:26] – Brett Kavanaugh and the moral failure of our leaders

Enjoy! SHARE the link and SPREAD the word!