How I Plan to Get Big Money Out of Politics

Friday, May 11th, 2018

Boulder – People ask me tough questions on the campaign trail all the time. Sometimes the answers are just as tough. And sometimes the answers are easy. For example, here in Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District, I’m often asked: what are you doing to get big money out of politics?


Leading with Truly Progressive Principles

I’m running a campaign without donations from D.C. insiders, PACs, special interests or lobbyists. It’s easy to talk about overturning Citizens United. But in order to lead with true progressive principles, we must do more; we have to walk the talk that gets dirty money out of politics.

In the last election cycle, PACs contributed more than $474 million to congressional candidates. These contributions accounted for 35 percent of campaign funds for House Democrats. I’ll never take that money.

If I’m elected to Congress, I’ll join the No PAC Caucus, a congressional caucus dedicated to limiting the influence of money in politics. We need to have the political imagination to claim the highest moral ground around an issue in order to unite Democrats, unaffiliated voters and Republicans alike.

Money in politics isn’t a partisan issue, it’s an American issue. Big money in politics threatens the heart of our democracy.  As true progressives, it’s up to us to show the way forward.


How Can You Help Get Big Money Out of Politics?

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