Gun Reform Position Statements – Joe Neguse & Mark Williams – CD2 Primary

Friday, June 15th, 2018

Mark Williams – Summary Position on Gun Reform:

I stand with the victims of gun violence and will fight to prevent more losses.

That is why it was so important to me to participate in the panel for the forum on Unpacking Gun Violence (UNPACKING GUN VIOLENCE: ROOTS AND SOLUTIONS) that was held at the Unity Church in Boulder on Sunday, May 20th, recently, and from which my principal opponent choose to absent himself. (WHERE IN THE 2ND CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT IS JOE NEGUSE?)

I support banning assault weapons.

I support banning bump-fire stocks and large capacity ammunition magazines.

I oppose rolling back restrictions on silencers or machine guns.

I support mandatory universal background checks for all gun sales and coordination between all Federal and State agencies to share pertinent data.

I support banning gun sales to those on the no-fly list, to violent felons, or those convicted of domestic violence.

I support public education on warning signs of someone planning to carry out an attack.

Since I accept no campaign money from Lobbyists, PAC’s, DC Insiders or Special Insiders, none of the Gun Lobby money flows to me and they have no hold over me. You can be certain that, if elected to congress, I will represent the will of the American people – of whom the vast majority seek true gun reform – to put a halt to the gun violence that is taking the lives of our children in the prime of their youth.

— Expanded Position Statement by Mark Williams on Gun Reform follows —

In addition, I also …

… oppose concealed carry reciprocity unless there is a national certification program that includes “Shoot – Don’t Shoot” situational training.

… oppose the rollback of an Obama Administration directive allowing designated mental health and medical providers to report names of mentally ill patients to the federal background check system.

…. support mandatory law enforcement training to conduct welfare checks to determine if someone has become mentally unstable and may be suicidal or threat to others.

… propose gun safety training and qualification for civilians through mandatory weapons safety courses and tactical range qualifications from certified organizations. The purchase and sale of ammunition and reload materials should also require proof of qualification. Research shows that “don’t touch, tell an adult” programs don’t work – 90% of the kids still pick up a gun and pull the trigger to see what happens. Therefore, I also support training and education of students on gun safety.

Standing with the Children against Gun Violence:

On Valentine’s Day of this year, on the morning of Feb 14th, 2018, I joined students at Fairview High School for National Walkout Day, a mass student protest against gun violence in the wake of the Parkland shooting.

I told them the story about a father and his daughter and their trip to see her high school the summer before 9th grade. She was excited about prom dances, AP classes, and the swim team but there was something else to talk about that day.  He walked her around the school, pointing out exits and cover in case she heard the sound of a fire alarm and bullets together. It was a tough visit and a heavy reality check, but the father felt he had no choice. That father was me.

As a former military officer trained to assess and handle threats, honestly confronting the reality of a school shooting was one of the most difficult conversations I ever had with my daughter. But those conversations are a must today, and that same commitment to honesty demands we admit to our children that we’ve failed them.

We failed them because we bought into the politics of old. In this kind of politics, politicians listen to lobbyists, serve the powerful, and protect the interests of the privileged few. This was every piece of legislation… Click To Tweet

The kids are pointing us towards the future.  In Politics 2.0, politicians must listen to the grassroots; they must serve their communities; and they must protect the values and rights that the people hold dear – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Trump’s Appalling Plan to Arm School Staff:

In the long list of bad ideas out of the Trump Administration, there is one that may top them all: Trump’s plan – touted by DeVos – to arm school staff.” There’s a lot of things that I’d ask from my daughters’ teachers but being in the line of fire is not one of them.

I work in the world of neuroscience and performance and I’ve taught police officers, firefighters and first responders mindfulness techniques that help them stay cool and resilient under extreme pressure.  This can be difficult under the “normal” circumstances they face on a daily basis.   But even these highly trained public servants find an active shooter scenario one of the toughest to manage – why would we ask that of our school teachers, who excel in teaching and nurturing, not shooting?!

Let’s bring real solutions to the table and make our voices heard over the NRA, Donald Trump and Betsy DeVos.

Send the voice of experience to Congress, someone who’s trained law enforcement officers and first responders and who will stand with the victims of gun violence.

— End of Expanded Position Statement by Mark Williams on Gun Reform

Joe Neguse – Gun Reform Position Statement:

The right to be safe from violence in our communities, by fighting for sensible gun-control measures, such as universal background checks and closing the Federal “gun show loophole,” supporting an assault-weapons ban, encouraging states to pass “Red Flag” laws which prevent people at risk to themselves or others from having access to firearms, and by opposing concealed-carry “reciprocity” legislation.

— End of Position Statement by Joe Neguse on Gun Reform —

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