How Can I Help Elect Mark Williams to Congress?

Tuesday, April 10th, 2018

The Colorado Primary is just three months away on June 26. Over the last six months, my family and I have put our life on hold. We believe that ordinary folks like you and I need to step up to lead our country forward. We dug deep into our savings to join others to create a grassroots campaign with a message of truth and change. Our team is a scrappy volunteer group who has done more on a shoestring budget than anyone could imagine. So, as the finish line comes into view, we need all hands on deck for the final push. And, if you’re tired of the old politics – insiders, Corporate PACs, special interests and lobbyists calling the shots – it’s time to get involved. How can you help elect Mark Williams to Congress? Here are three ways to help us win the primary in June.


Spread the Word & Help Others Learn About Mark Williams

    1. EMAIL – Forward this blog post to six of your friends TODAY. Tell them to email it to 6 others (and on and on!), and to get involved and donate!
    2. SOCIAL – If you’re on social media, Like the Mark Williams for Colorado campaign and Share, Share, Share our posts and videos.
    3. CHAT US UP! – Call your family, friends and acquaintances and tell them about our efforts. Encourage them to get involved! 


Give Your Valuable Time to Help Elect Mark Williams to Congress

  1. VOLUNTEER – Join our campaign team, and put your skills to work.
  2. MEET & GREET – Host an event at your home or elsewhere.
  3. CONTACT US – Let us know if you can pitch in by phone banking, entering data, canvassing or other types of help.


DONATE to a Campaign Built by People, Not Corporations

  1. I’m committed to getting big money out of politics and rebuilding the grassroots. In order to this, I need your help.
  2. My dream is to build this campaign on 10,000 $27 donations. Click here to donate today.


With your help, WE WILL WIN. I GUARANTEE IT. Honestly, I can’t do it without you. If it’s personal to you like it is to me, if you think your family, our community and our nation can forge a new kind of politics together, hop on board. Let’s do this!