Joe Biden has gotten involved in our race for Congress here in Colorado’s 2nd District

Sunday, June 10th, 2018

I’m floored and flattered that former VP Joe Biden has gotten involved in our race for Congress here in Colorado’s 2nd District.

Joe and I have lots in common – expertise in foreign policy, military service (through his son, Beau), a desire to ban assault weapons, and most importantly, a commitment to representing working folks. So I was floored to learn that Joe had weighed in. Why Joe, why?

This kind of firepower is normally reserved for helping Democrats in tight races with Republicans, like Joe did with Conor Lamb in PA. Can someone help me understand? It’s not enough for our opponent to have the help of DC and Colorado insiders for the last year? To have $250,000 in TV ads cued up? Bunkered up and out of contact with the voters and an honest dialogue with us, he’s calling in the heavy artillery and laying waste to the idea of a fair primary in our safe blue seat.

Sadly, Biden agreed to put his thumb on the scale against our progressive message.

And so I’m flattered. Kudos to the all-volunteer Mark for Colorado team! Our scrappiness, our unrelenting hard work and our call to those inspired by a vision of politicians in service to the people has captured the imagination not only of our district but also of those in the highest reaches of power.

Ideas and people. Just ask Bobby Kennedy – that’s how movements are born.

This race is tight. Our team is surging and I need your vote today. Cast your ballot and tell your friends to do the same.

Candidate for U.S. Congress – Colorado District 2