Julie and Rich Pollack: Say no to big money, party politics, vote Williams

Monday, June 18th, 2018

If Americans needed proof that our political choices have enormous and long lasting consequences for personal, local, national and international quality of life issues, that proof now shouts at us daily from the presidential podium and Twitter account, the EPA, Justice Department, ICE and Congress. It’s easy to see why so many have been caught up in the national cynicism that shrugs off elections by saying “all political candidates are alike, so it doesn’t matter.”

say no to big money

Cartoon by Adam Zyglis – Big Money in Politics

But the constant, disturbing levels of chaos and crisis in Washington are direct and indirect results of the political choices Americans made the last few years, especially 2016. The influence of corporate money and its ability to distract voters from the facts we need to make informed decisions diminishes the power of our individual votes, making it difficult to impossible to bring about real change through voting alone. But we cannot give up on this essential democratic process or let corporations, whose narrow interests are typically not in our best interests, define what facts we use to make our voting decisions.

We’re fortunate to have two qualified Democratic front runners for the 2nd Congressional District primary. But, it’s important to understand that their political values are not alike. Political parties typically try to maintain their status quo through their “ordained” candidates, as the Democrats have in this race with Joe Neguse. But Mark Williams is not a status quo candidate. Mark takes no PAC money, a powerful example of his commitment to getting big money out of politics while working with and only for us. That fact alone distinguishes him and the decisions he’ll make as our congressman from his opponent whose contributors include numerous PACs and corporations. Say no to big money. Party politics shouldn’t determine who represents us. Before voting, please check out www.markforcolorado.com.

Julie and Rich Pollack


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