Mark Williams is the Anti-War Candidate

Thursday, April 12th, 2018

Boulder – In “Beyond Vietnam,” Martin Luther King, Jr. told us, “A nation that continues year after year to spend more money on military defense than on programs of social uplift is approaching spiritual death.” In the final years of his life, King connected the Anti-War and Civil Rights Movements to bring “a deeper level of awareness” about the workings of power. We must do the same. To move forward as a country, we must honestly acknowledge the interconnection between poverty, racism and militarism. That’s why I’m an anti-war candidate. I stand against our wars in Afghanistan and Syria, as well as our myriad interventions in countries abroad.

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My Anti-War Pledge as a Candidate for Colorado District 2

My 15 year-old daughter has never known anything but war. The waste of life and treasure has marked the daily reality of an entire generation. And that burden has fallen largely upon working class families. It’s time to hold Congress and the President accountable for investing in conflict and corrupt governments rather than building our children’s future right here at home.

Here’s how I will support our troops as an anti-war candidate:

  • I’ll vote to pull our military out of Afghanistan. Let’s terminate the project of nation-building for a corrupt government. It didn’t work in Vietnam and it won’t work here.
  • I’ll vote to stop an endless “War on Terrorism” that keeps our service members deployed to all corners of the globe.
  • I’ll push for a sensible foreign policy that begins with diplomacy, not guns.
  • And I’ll vote against defense budgets that prioritize corporate profits and interventions abroad.

That’s how we truly honor the blood, sweat and tears of our men and women in service and make real the vision of Martin Luther King, Jr. 

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