Mark Williams Makes the Colorado Democratic Party Primary Election Ballot

Monday, April 16th, 2018

Boulder – We’re officially in! The Colorado Secretary of State declared that we’re on the June 26 Colorado Democratic Party Primary Election ballot.


What Being on the Colorado Democratic Party Primary Election Ballot Means

This campaign has a vision for something new – a politics born from the moral courage to speak truth and demand that we come together and lead from the heart, from the values that keep us strong as a people.

This is Politics 2.0, where politicians listen to the grassroots, serve their communities, and protect the values and rights that people hold dear.


How Can You Help?

But we can’t go it alone against big money insiders. If we want to win the Colorado Democratic Party Primary election, I have to ask: Can I count on you to support our effort? We need your help to travel the district and rally folks to transform politics right here at home. We’re in this together, and I can’t fight big money without your help.

Tell your family, friends and neighbors that politics is changing in America. And that the movement has begun right here in Colorado’s 2nd District. There are several ways you can help us fight big money in order to win the Colorado Democratic Primary election in June:

  •  Spread the word
  • Join us
  • Donate


Come Celebrate with Us

Are you free on April 28 from 4 to 6 p.m.? If so, stop by Boulder City Councilwoman Lisa Morzel’s home at 2155 Poplar Avenue Boulder  to join us for a celebration!

Check out our website and Facebook for more events.