Mark Williams Wants to Make Colorado a Safer Democrat Stronghold

Friday, September 15th, 2017


When you’re applying for a job and you know you have minimal experience, you could bolster certain parts of your résumé that speak to the position, or include a relevant reference. Mark Williams doesn’t try to sugarcoat his minimal experience in politics. The newest candidate for Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District even points to his lack of experience with pride.

“I’m not a career politician,” reads the first line of the introductory paragraph on Williams’s website. The Democrat continues: “We’re yearning for a new kind of politics, the kind that begins at the grassroots and serves the people, not party or power.”

The 54-year-old Air Force veteran hopes to replace Jared Polis, who’s vacating the seat to run for governor, and has a diverse background, both personally and professionally.

Born on Sheppard Air Force Base in Texas to an Air Force diplomat and a Spanish immigrant, Williams spent his childhood bouncing between Panama, El Salvador and Brazil before moving to Virginia for the end of high school and college. After graduating from William & Mary College, he served in the Air Force and flew over Kuwait during the Gulf War before starting Dynamic Human Solutions, which hosts seminars that use meditation to develop mental and physical skills.

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