My Vision of What Comes Next

Tuesday, April 24th, 2018

Boulder – It’s not enough to resist a reckless President and a rigged economy held in place by a corrupt campaign finance system. We have to do more than just resist. We have to have a vision for what comes next! Like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and others, I believe it’s time for Democrats to break from the politics of the past. It’s time to once again fight for the dreams of ordinary Americans.  That is why I’m an independent Democrat, a Democrat that doesn’t dance to the tune of established power. I’ll fight for you so all of us can thrive and prosper. I’ll do this by:


1. Making Politics for the People, Not the Powerful or the Privileged

I commit to removing the influence of big money in politics. I will not take any money from  political action committees (PACs), special interests or lobbyists. It’s time to elect independent Democrats willing to challenge D.C. insiders.


2. Leveling the Playing Field for Working Folks

This country needs improved Medicare for all, a $15 an hour minimum wage, and strong paid family and medical leave legislation that benefits families and communities. We’ll fight against legislation that continues to favor big corporations, Wall Street and too-big-to-fail banks.


3. Accelerating the Transition to Renewable Energy

I will fight to remove subsidies for the fossil fuel industry, ban fracking and invest in the next generation of renewable technologies and jobs. Want to know more about my views on energy? Read More


Help Us Create a New Kind of Politics

There are 63 days until Colorado’s June 26 Democratic Primary. If you want an authentic grassroots voice in Washington – one of substance and experience – join us! Help us spread the word: