Breaking News: Oil & Gas Meddling in CD2 Primary

Thursday, June 7th, 2018

Boulder – The Intercept, the publication that broke the story about Democratic leadership steering money and support to hand-picked candidates (as they did here in our district), just broke a big story about the role of oil and gas and of “Kingmaker” Ken Salazar in Colorado Democratic politics. Read The Intercept article here.


Salazar’s History with Oil & Gas

If you’re a Democrat and an environmentalist, it’s a tough read. First, it unveils Salazar’s close ties to industry and his support of fracking, Arctic drilling, the Keystone XL pipeline and his waiving of offshore regulations for Anadarko. (Even after the Deepwater Horizon spill, which Anadarko partially owned). It’s hard to believe any Democrat today could be so wrong on this important issue.

Then it tells how Ken Salazar consistently sides with candidates who have close ties to oil and gas. And goes on to say, in Federal races like this one, he’s behind establishment candidates facing tough primaries against strident fracking opponents. Big reveal – that’s NOT the Mark for Colorado campaign.


Mixing Ideological & Commercial Interests

The article asks what’s at play with Salazar’s involvement in so many primaries. Is it political pragmatism? Or perhaps a mix of ideological and commercial interests? Unfortunately, in our safe progressive district, claims about political pragmatism and the need to elect a centrist Democrat fall flat.


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