People, not Washington Party Bosses

Monday, March 5th, 2018

Boulder, CO – “As an Air Force fighter pilot, startup entrepreneur and father of 2 daughters, I’m used to overcoming challenges and competing for success… but the American way demands a level playing field.  And that just isn’t the case when it comes to the Washington power brokers who’ve steered the Democratic party into minority status.” stated Mark Williams, a first-time candidate and Democrat in the 2nd Congressional District in Colorado.  “Seems like they should be one of the good guys helping to elect fresh candidates, but lately, I’m beginning to wonder.”

Williams cited recent headlines such as: “DCCC Advised Candidates Not to Discuss Gun Control Policy Right After Vegas Shooting.”  “Progressives rage at DCCC after it attacks Progressive Texas Candidate,” and stories of the DCCC telling lawmakers not to support single-payer health care ahead of the 2018 midterm elections.  “Seems they like everything watered-down – issues, candidates and probably their coffee as well,” stated Williams.

The DCCC has also inserted itself into Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District.  A recent story appeared in the Boulder Reporter ( citing complaints that the Democratic establishment selected the heir apparent a year before the primary.  Former University of Colorado Regent Jim Martin wrote in an Op-Ed to the Boulder Daily Camera, “’A Democratic bigwig showed an advanced state of tone-deafness by dictating that, ‘We have to clear the field for Joe Neguse’ — a full year before the primary.”

Commenting on the story Williams stated, “I did not back away from service to my country and I won’t water-down my message or my values.  We don’t need help from the DCCC and its billionaire donors and revolving door consultants to decide on issues and candidates here in Colorado’s 2nd District.  It’s called democracy, and we got this.  We know our friends, family and community, and trust us, we got this.  We like our candidates like we like our values – strong – so we’re taking a stand for robust policies that address the needs of all Americans.  I rely on the voters in the 2nd Congressional District to make up their own minds.”

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