Pledge to Run a Clean Campaign with No PAC Money

Thursday, April 26th, 2018

Boulder – Just two days ago, Senator Kamala Harris announced she would no longer accept contributions from corporate PACs. Like others in the Democratic Party, she’s witnessed firsthand the influence that “dirty money” has on the workings of government.

Citizens United gave corporate PACs the balance of power in our democracy, which has demonstrated just how powerful of a role money has in politics. In fact, Republicans passed tax legislation with giveaways to large corporations and the wealthy, solely because donors demanded it. Unfortunately, the same corruption happens with Democrats. And that’s why emerging leaders like Senator Harris are making it clear they will not take dirty money.

What’s Happening in Colorado’s Second District?

In America’s most progressive district – Colorado District 2 – I’m the only candidate who is not taking money from PACs, special interests or lobbyists. Our campaign is leading America forward by showing voters what CLEAN politics looks like. We are doing that by walking the talk of campaign reform. What’s the next step once I get to Washington? I believe we need to overturn Citizens United. It’s time to pass laws to increase donor transparency. And it’s time to remove untraceable dark money and eliminate special interest contributions.

Help Us Create a New Kind of Politics

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