Tuesday, May 22nd, 2018

Boulder – Mark Williams for Colorado and Madelife will host a public event, POLITICS FOR THE PEOPLE – Arts Speak Truth to Power, Saturday, June 2nd from 6-8PM.

The event is a Celebration of Arts, Free Speech, Personal Expression, and Democracy. It is Boulder’s variation of London’s Hyde Park style safe-spot for free speech and debate via artistic expression.

Be inspired, creative, and engaged with Poetry, Theater, Painting, Dance, Music and Community, addressing the uplifting American promise of POLITICS FOR THE PEOPLE. Three Weeks before the June 26th Primary elections, Boulder is celebrating the ARTS and artistic paths to spark vital civic activism and ensure a progressive, democratic society. Come one, come all — Express your positions, ideas, concerns, aspirations, fears and hopes about Politics For the People through ART. Expect refreshments and unabashed fun!

Featuring Art Stations including Group Painting, Collective Prayer Flag Chain, Postcards-to-Senate-and-Congress-Representatives, Open Mic, Roaring Truth-To-Power, Music and Dance.

The event is FREE to The Public. Appropriate for All Ages.

Guest artists include Gasoline Lollipops front man Clay Rose, Demry Frankenheimer, Ami Dayan, Tania Henderson of Boulder Arts Work, and many more.

Madelife is located at 2000 21st St, Boulder