Real Progressives Are Defining the Future of the Democratic Party

Thursday, May 17th, 2018

Boulder – I can feel it in the air. Change is coming. In Nebraska’s 2nd District primary, progressive Kara Eastman beat her establishment opponent. This win upsets the best-laid plans of D.C. insiders and the DCCC. She offered a real progressive choice and the voters were heard. Real progressives like us are defining the future of the Democratic Party in America and it’s “democracy” with a small “d.”


Future of the Democratic Party is Shifting

Across the country, heavy-handed interventions by D.C. insiders are backfiring. When I’m walking neighborhoods, speaking to voters in farmers markets, and chatting with folks at the supermarket, people are talking about a new kind of politics and a different kind of politician. The momentum belongs to citizen leaders who will shake things up. The shift is happening. Establishment faux-progressives who insist on listening to lobbyists, serving the powerful and protecting the privileged lack the political vision to see that the will of the people is on the rise.


What a Real Progressive Looks Like

No amount of endorsements, dispensed like so many corrupt indulgences, can conceal the fact that their time is past and that a bold, progressive agenda unfolds before us:

  1. GET BIG MONEY OUT OF POLITICS – We run campaigns without donations from DC insiders, PACs, special interests or lobbyists.
  2. INVEST IN PEACE, NOT WAR – We pull our troops from Afghanistan, shrink the defense budget and invest in our communities here at home.
  3. PROTECT THE PLANET – We ban fracking, accelerate the transition to renewables, and remove subsidies from the fossil fuel industry.

Service before self. Country and community before party. And people, not profits. This is the rising movement, and my solemn promise to you.


Help Put a Real Progressive in Congress

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