I have studied the issues and candidates in the June 26 Democratic primary to fill the congressional seat being vacated by Jared Polis. I consider Mark Williams and Joe Neguse qualified to represent our diverse district. I think the choice is simple. I will vote for Mark Williams because he is the forward-thinking progressive our district needs.

Unlike Neguse, Mark Williams refuses to accept any PAC money, or funds from lobbyists and law firms connected to big oil and pro-fracking interests. That is a significant distinction.

Mark wants to ban fracking. Fracking uses millions of gallons of our limited supply of water, pollutes our water, air and soil and is the cause of several recent fatalities in our state. Frankly, I do not want to support any candidate who accepts money from those who benefit from fracking.

I understand that candidates need money to run effective campaigns, but when one candidate (Neguse) rakes in more than $500,000, I wonder what that money will buy.

It is time to change the game. It is time to put a true progressive and strong citizen candidate in Congress. For me Mark Williams is the best fit for CD2.

Susan Northleaf