Thanks for Your Support

Wednesday, June 27th, 2018

Thanks for the support - Mark Williams

Mark talking with District 2 folks at one of his many meet & greet activities during the campaign.

You’ve probably heard the news by now but I’m sad to report that we came up short in our efforts Tuesday night.

Our scrappy group of progressive volunteers put up a valiant fight, coming in at 34% of the vote, radically changing the narrative in a race that debated the future of our Democratic Party.

What does it mean to be progressive? What is the role of money in politics? Should the Party intervene in selecting candidates? How can ordinary folks reclaim politics and government? These are the questions that together, we brought to the forefront in Colorado’s 2nd District.

I’m proud of the job we did and how we forced our opponent to dig deep and leverage over $750,000 and a former Vice President to win this contest. I’m amazed at how we moved the conversation around fracking and renewables forward, how so many of us agreed about getting out of Afghanistan and other conflicts around the world, and how the role of dirty money in politics was laid squarely on the table. Our democracy is stronger for this and so is our representation in Congress.

For me personally, it’s been a very intense journey, darker in many ways than I expected but even more, filled with people that have inspired me to believe in the change that is upon us. I see us at the ground floor of a movement, one that harkens to the best in America while re-kindling the dream of a nation in service to justice and peace.

I congratulate my opponent in his victory but hope he realizes the strength of the voices demanding a Representative that listens to the grassroots, serves communities and protects the interests of the people.

This is the future of politics and we the people will be watching, speaking truth and calling out those that would betray our values.

Thanks for your support and stay tuned – la lucha continua!

Thanks for your support - Mark Williams Boulder