Innovating by Upsetting the Old “Apple Cart” of Politics

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

When you wanted to do something different as a kid and your parents or grandparents told you not to because it would “upset the apple cart,” this phrase refers to a feeling of “not spoiling other peoples’ plans.”

In today’s political climate, we have what could be considered a 3-wheeled race as progressive democrats who want new ideas to come to light in the Democratic Party are looking for your vote in this Primary in lieu of people just choosing between the same old choices.

With strong support for a universal single payer healthcare system, banning fracking, minimizes the USA’s involvement in meaningless wars, and his views on protecting our National Parks, Mark Williams is emerging as the candidate who truly speaks for the people.

In this Primary we encourage you to vote for Mark Williams. Upsetting the apple cart of politics feels good, it feels right.

Upsetting the normal 2-wheeled “apple cart” in our heavily money influenced party system is happening now. If we upset a few apples to take back our representation away from lobbyists – so be it. Click To Tweet

Be part of this movement and make history with your vote for Mark Williams as your Candidate for Congressional District 2.

See our apples to apples comparison of the 2 candidates here: Compare Neguse vs Williams.

Oh, and if you happen to forego the chips and eat an apple today – that’s good too.

– Member of Campaign Staff