Values Ahead of Donors

Thursday, May 31st, 2018

Dirty money is the original sin of our political system and politicians from both parties have bitten deeply from the apple. Inspired by the kids at Parkland High School, I call BS on the hypocrisy of establishment politicians like my opponent. Who claims to stand strong on gun control but whose donors work for the gun lobby. And who claims to be an environmentalist but whose donors fight for oil and gas and against our community. It’s time to put values ahead of donors, and I’ll hold myself accountable as well.


How I Put My Values Ahead of Donors

Rumors and gossip have been spread that one of my donors is a lawyer with deep ties to the oil and gas industry. Turns out the political establishment had set its eyes on a former F-15 squadron mate of mine, who is now a practicing lawyer in Oklahoma. I couldn’t believe it. So I called him up and asked him directly if he’d EVER represented industry. His answer: “We are pure.” No surprise to me given the connection he has to the land as a rancher and farmer.

But there’s more. Turns out, my F-15 buddy is as good a lawyer as he was a fighter pilot. Through a class action lawsuit, he has single-handed shut down drilling in ALL of northeast Oklahoma for the last two years. He also filed another lawsuit against extraction for causing earthquakes from the injection of wastewater into the earth. And so I guess you could insinuate he is tied to industry, but ONLY BECAUSE HE’S IN MORTAL COMBAT WITH IT.

Be that as it may, if he had represented the oil and gas industry, I would have simply RETURNED the money. Why? Because if he had represented oil and gas against his community, then he wouldn’t be aligned with my values and the message I’m trying to send as an aspiring public servant: dirty money fundamentally corrupts politics.


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