Friday, April 27th, 2018

Boulder, CO – Experienced community leaders and progressive coalitions across Colorado’s Second Congressional District are supporting Mark Williams.

Williams, a former fighter pilot, startup entrepreneur and father of 2 daughters, said the growing list of endorsements show his “people first” message is spreading.

“Voters are fed up with a two-party system that is bought, branded and sold by corporations,” said Williams, the only candidate on the Democratic ballot who refuses to take PAC money or support from oil and gas interests. “I think voters want someone who puts people over profits.”

William’s progressive and forward-thinking views have attracted endorsements from a diverse list of CD 2 leaders.

Former Colorado Senator Ron Tupa of Boulder stated, “I support Mark Williams because he’s an unapologetic progressive who will fight for working people and break the strangle-hold corporations have over both parties in Congress.”

“If ever we needed a compassionate, clear-thinking warrior in our 2nd Congressional District to fight the misdeeds in Congress, that time is now and that warrior is Mark Williams,” stated Former Boulder City Councilwoman Gwen Dooley. “Tried and tested as an Air Force Fighter pilot, this anti-war father of two daughters will sow that same courage to represent us in Washington in our crucial fights against corporate greed, climate-change deniers, the NRA and other self-serving interest groups. Mark Williams IS the right stuff.”

Boulder Attorney and Businessman Petur Williams stated, “Mark Williams has demonstrated his dedication to serving our country as a warrior. I feel lucky that Mark has chosen to continue working for us as a Member of Congress.”

“As the Chair of Our Revolution Boulder,” stated Sally Gilman, “I am proud to support Mark Williams – the real progressive – for Congress. Mark embodies the spirit of Our Revolution and the vision of Bernie Sanders where politics works for the people, not the powerful. Mark will fight for true progressive causes and against status quo politics.”

Others endorsing the candidacy of Mark Williams are Boulder City Councilwomen Cindy Carlisle and Lisa Morzel; Britta Singer, Former Chair of the Boulder County Democratic Party; Drew Romano, Co-Chair of Our Revolution Boulder; Art Hacker, Chair of the Boulder County Progressive Coalition; Christiaan van Woudenberg, Erie Trustee; Steve Pomerance, Former Boulder City Council; Allyn Feinberg, Former Boulder City Council;

Sally & Harry Hempy of Jamestown, and many more.

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