Monday, May 21st, 2018

Boulder — In the aftermath of yet another school massacre, US Congressional candidate Mark Williams reiterated his strong support of sensible gun control legislation.

“Now is the time to confront the recurring issue of gun violence,” Williams said. “This year more students have been killed in their schools than those serving our country overseas! That is unacceptable! We need elected officials who are not afraid to show up and stand up to the gun lobby! Our community deserves real leaders who truly represent this district’s anti-gun, progressive ideals.”

Mark’s primary opponent, Joe Neguse, failed to appear at the Unpacking Gun Violence forum in Boulder on Sunday, where some referred to him as “no-show Joe.”

“My opponent is a nice guy, but he has an odd history when it comes to gun violence,” Williams said.

Neguse was an attorney at Holland & Hart when the firm lobbied Governor John Hickenlooper to oppose gun control and limits on high-capacity magazines in 2013, a position supported by the NRA. He also received and accepted campaign contributions from Holland & Hart’s political action committee.

“As a father of two daughters, the inaction on gun control legislation by establishment Republicans and Democrats reflects a broken political system,” expressed Williams. “The time is now to act and prevent more heartache for Americans across this country.”

In addition to Mark Williams, the Unpacking Gun Violence Forum was attended by Nick Thomas, Independent candidate for Congress and the two Democrats running for Boulder County District Attorney, Michael Dougherty and Mike Foote. They took questions from parents and students and discussed possible solutions.

The forum was sponsored by Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center, Our Revolution Boulder, and New Visions for America.
For more information, visit www.markforcolorado.com.