Mark’s Story: Personal

Friday, December 22nd, 2017

My family instilled certain core values in me as I was growing up: hard work, excellence, dedication and loyalty.  These values have guided me through my life as a father, husband, Air Force officer, and entrepreneur.  I’ll bring no less to you in my service as your Congressman.

I grew up mostly in Latin America, the son of an Air Force diplomat.  My mother is an immigrant who knows first-hand the journey to America.  Growing up south of the border, I saw countries with huge gulfs between rich and poor and I knew, even as a boy, that this was very different from America – the land of opportunity – that I’d grown to love.

I’m deeply connected to the people and values of Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District.  I’ve lived here for over 20 years with my wife, raising two daughters, hiking trails, working in business and startups, teaching at CU Boulder and taking a leadership role in teaching law enforcement, first responders and others to be mentally prepared for the tough work they do every day.  I know how to tackle difficult problems and develop consensus so that progress is achieved, not compromised.  And my roots in the people and environment of this community mean I’ll be a dedicated force for good in the halls of Congress.

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