I commit to fighting for Medicare for All. Medical care is a basic human right. Having health insurance is just and fair, and it preserves the social compact between the government and the people. I support Medicare for All because it fundamentally and immediately affects the well-being of every American and therefore our nation. We […]

I commit to being a zealous guardian of our public lands and advocate for laws and policies that support the interests of Colorado, now and into the future. Our 2nd Congressional District holds some of the crown jewels of the state for outdoor recreation.  They are also the foundation of jobs and the clean air […]

I commit to 100% renewables, eliminating tax giveaways to the fossil fuel industry, STOPPING fracking in Boulder County, and fully supporting workers impacted by this transition. I stand with Communities Against Fracking. I support: All legislation that allows communities to protect their citizen’s health. I support: Colorado Rising’s 2,500-foot setback initiative protecting communities from the […]

I commit to legislation that empowers citizen protections and holds bad actors accountable. Lots of folks in America are feeling that the economy isn’t working for them and that extreme inequality is becoming the rule rather than the exception — the scales have been tipped towards the connected and the powerful. America’s strength and prosperity […]

I commit to getting big money out of politics and rebuilding the grassroots. Enough of politics as usual where corporations, the uber-wealthy and insiders decide what’s best for us.  It’s not enough to talk about an oligarchy ruling our country, let’s lead the movement to bring grassroots politics and the voice of ordinary Americans back […]

Nixon’s brainchild, the War on Drugs, is a failed program that has resulted in thousands of nonviolent users being incarcerated with violent criminals. The results of this War?  Here’s the plain facts based on 2016 data: 2,157,000 people imprisoned – the highest incarceration rate in the world. 52.8% of drug offenders faced a mandatory minimum penalty […]

I stand with the victims of gun violence and will fight to prevent more losses. I support banning assault weapons. I support mandatory law enforcement training to conduct welfare checks to determine if someone has become mentally unstable and may be suicidal or threat to others. I support public education on warning signs of someone […]