I’m not a career politician – I’m a public servant and a patriot.

Americans are suffering.  People are falling behind and there are systematic efforts underway to deny people their basic rights. Economically, socially, and politically, our nation is fraying at the edges.

Changing this begins by speaking the truth about our country – both parties own the problem.  Although a bankrupt Republican Party has led the way into chaos, Democrats must acknowledge that they also voted for 17 years of war, for trade agreements that protect corporations before people, and for unleashing the wolves of Wall Street.

Policies like these have left ordinary Americans like you and me in a tough place; they’ve divided our country, threatened our rights and liberties.  Meanwhile, the 1% enjoys growing wealth and prosperity.  Like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and others, I believe it’s time for Democrats to break from the politics of the past and once again fight for the dreams of ordinary Americans.

The politics of the privileged must give way to the politics of the people, a grassroots movement that recognizes the pain and struggles of working Americans and fights for fairness, a level playing field and equal opportunity for all.  This means:

  • People before profits
  • Progress over lobbyists and special interests

That’s why I’m an independent Democrat, a Democrat that doesn’t dance to the tune of established power.  I’ll fight for you and a level playing field so all of us can thrive and prosper.  I won’t ever take money from corporate PACs, special interests or lobbyists and I won’t spend hours dialing for dollars in Congress when I could spend that time at home, listening and working for you.

The future of our country, Colorado, and the 2nd Congressional District is bright if we break from the politics and policies of the past and elect leaders with real and equitable vision for the future.  Join me.

I’ll represent you in Washington DC with an independent spirit that fights for the people and the values of this District.  I’ll also make common cause with like-minded Representatives to push for real change in Washington.  Most importantly, in the battles to come I’ll have the courage to vote for We the People over power and party.

But I’ll do more than represent you in DC – I will lead locally as well.  Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District is a special place and I bring a special vision to cultivate the positive future that our District represents.

Why is our purple District so special and unique?

  • Nationally Recognized and Acclaimed Cities and Towns - Boulder and Ft. Collins for starters
  • Diverse – Urban, Rural and Mountain areas and economies
  • Science, Tech, Education including two first-rate universities: CSU and CU
  • History – A spirit of Exploration, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Creativity and Healthy Lifestyles

As an F-15 pilot in Desert Storm and an entrepreneur, I’ve lived at the pointy end of the spear.  So when it comes to thought leadership and innovation, I bring skills around identifying visionary ideas, gathering stakeholders, creating consensus, defining the path forward and then executing on that.

I’ll be “Leading by convening”:  In our purple state and district, we’re uniquely positioned to develop and test grassroots initiatives that re-knit the body politic within and across urban, rural or mountain communities.  By bringing together the best minds in science, business, startups and public administration, combining that with the creativity and rigor of our community, and funding this collaboration with innovative community-public partnerships, we can create a think tank and test bed for a new and modernized vision of democratic governance.  Colorado’s 2nd Congressional District can be the incubator for a generational change in politics and policy across America.

Our District can lead the way in creating a national political consensus that embraces – rather than rejects – our rapidly changing future.  Through bottom-up coalition building and fundraising, we’ll create the institutional infrastructure that leads America out of the political Dark Ages.  In the process, we’ll activate and sustain grassroots organizations so citizens regain their voice, a real stake in the system, and a renewed Democratic Party rooted in their values.